Kolkata, India

market place, Kolkata

Emei Shan, Sichuan China

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Travelling with Tea, by André Tribbensee

The following presentation is meant to be shown to the people I meet on my journey. Those I have had the pleasure of having tea with.
Sometimes I have photographed these meetings while preparing the tea.
On other occasions, such a tea happening in itself is fragile, beautiful, and more important than producing an image.
My journeys are part of a personal art project which I have been pursuing since 2006 – so far in European, Asian and African countries, in Greenland and at home in Norway.
Along the way I am learning more about the world’s tea traditions and ceremonies, integrating that knowledge into my own performances. My intent is to create social meetings and watch new relations and friendships appear.
Inviting people for tea and sharing it is a great way of communicating across cultural and language barriers. The resulting images are visual manifestations of this. I enjoy showing them to the people I meet on my way and later on to a public audience in exhibitions across the world.
The selection of images you will find here is intended as a greeting to the people I meet while I am travelling.

Please enjoy!
If you like my project, please feel free to contact me or to write a comment below this text.

Best regards from André Tribbensee

Many thanks to all participants, collaborating artists and supporting institutions. TTCP (The Tea Ceremony Project) China 2008 and TTCP Japan 2009 have been kindly subsidised by the cultural departments of the City of Kristiansand and Vest-Agder County, Norway. TTCP Korea 2012 has been subsidised by cultural department of  Kristiansand.
© André Tribbensee 2013. Please do not copy or download any content presented here without my permission.

Søgne, Norway

Naxi Farmer, Yunnan, China

at river Mekong

Kagoshima, Japan

Hamburg, Germany

Beppu, Japan

Tafraoute Morocco

Hachijojima, Japan

Kolkata, India

Darjeeling, India

Hong Kong 2010, Chui´s and Sven´s wedding

Ssang Gye Sa, South- Korea

Nuuk, Greenland 2012

Nuuk, Greenland